God wants us to prosper in all ways, and we do too! I have combined my talents, experiences and education to bring to you Prosperity Planning. It is not enough to just have a Financial Plan, you want to have a healthy relationship with money. It is not enough to just have a Mealplan, you want to have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

At the core of it all, it is about having a healthy relationship with God. He is our provider, and when we are able to honor Him by being great stewards of all He has given us – we prosper! The world tells us as women that we need to look a certain way to have value. The world tells us that our net worth determines our actual worth. These are backwards! We were all created in God’s image, and therefore we have incredible value! And because of that we can take great care of ourselves and live freely in the blessings of a healthy, attractive body, lucrative and meaningful careers, smart financial planning, fun-loving relationships and living with passion and on purpose!

Are you ready to have less stress and way more FUN in your life?

When you have adopted the Prosperity Mindset I will teach you, you have a solid established financial foundation, and you are taking great care of yourself – mind, body and spirit – Life Is Way More Fun!

 Are you ready to understand how to manage your money well?

Learn simple strategies to build a solid financial foundation in your home.

Is the subject of money a huge stressor in your marriage?

Money issues are the NUMBER ONE cause of divorce! The Bible actually talks about money more than 2000 times! The relationship we have with money plays a huge part in our lives. You can have peace regardless of what is in your bank account once you learn how to operate in God’s Economy. God wants you to prosper in all ways, including your finances, because the more resources He can trust to you, the greater your ability to impact this world for Him!

Have your reached the place where you know you need to step up your commitment to your health and fitness?

Just as we need to learn how to manage our finances well, we also need to know how to take great care of our bodies. When we are healthy, we feel good, we have lots of energy and are able to function on a higher level!