Biblical Importance of Giving

            Giving is clearly important to God. He first gave to us; He gave us life and this world we live in. He gave us Jesus and therefore a relationship with Him and eternal life. Every good thing is a gift from God, and as our Creator, everything is His. When we give generously and joyfully by ways our time, money or resources, it not only blesses those we give to and ourselves, but it also glorifies God. Giving should be a foundational part of our entire lives.

            As the body of Christ, it is our privilege to take care of each other and those God has put on our hearts. When God gives to us, we are then able to not only take care of our own needs, but help others in need. This is a huge way that we connect with other people and form relationships. As relationships are formed and strengthened, we are strengthened and able to share more and more of what God has given us both in terms of the physical and spiritual world.

            Giving makes us feel good, and makes those we give to feel good. It is a tangible way we as people can experience God’s provision, joy, grace and love. When we give to someone else, we are acknowledging their value as a child of God and showing them respect. We are bearing God’s image when we do this and shining light into this world. Actions speak louder than words and giving freely and joyfully speaks love and caring, loud and clear.

            On a practical level, giving plays a major role in the function of our world. We devote our time to education, we receive knowledge we then put into our work. Our work plays an important part in society and therefore gives to society. We receive payment for our work that we can then invest wisely to support our families and other people/organizations where God calls us. They receive our giving and are more able to function in their roles in this world and so on.

            My understanding of giving and receiving has grown a lot in the recent years. In our culture we tend to think in terms on the world’s economy and not God’s economy. When we give to xyz, we expect to receive from xyz – that is the thinking of the world, but not of God. When we give we are investing into God’s economy and He will then give more back to us. He is able to give back to us through every avenue possible, not simply the one we gave to. When we give, we are supposed to give cheerfully and completely without expecting anything in return. This is also how we are to love, unconditionally. We give and we love because God pours His love and blessings into us. We are supposed to be conduits, not reservoirs. When we give freely as God gives to us, we continuously give space for God to keep pouring into us.

          Giving is also an act of faith, surrender and trust. We are showing our trust in God when we give wholeheartedly. God’s word tells us that He is our provider and will always take care of us, therefore we can give knowing that His provision is constant. Often we give and give into people, places or situations and we don’t see the fruits of that giving right away, but we do receive blessings and provisions from other places – that is God’s economy.

          Understanding this concept of God’s economy has given me such peace. I do not have to be concerned with how what I have given is used. Obviously I want to exercise judgement and prayerful discernment when deciding where and what to give, but ultimately I am giving to God, and He is in control and makes all things right. When we withhold our giving, we withhold investing in God’s economy and we miss out on partnering with God in what He is doing. This is a big part of relationship with God, partnering with Him in His work. This is why giving is a foundational aspect of being a Christian. Giving is a foundational aspect of a healthy relationship, and God wants a healthy relationship with us.

          These mindsets are so important and have the ability to completely transform lives. God has called us to prosper and when we are able to be great stewards of the money and resources He gives to us, we will prosper in many ways. God calls us to give generously, and we can do this when we are wise with our money. All of these things enable the body of Christ to further His Kingdom and carry out the Great Commission.

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing the in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20




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